Oana Foto:

…is a team of talented, creative professionals who want to turn your wedding day vision into reality. Operating as a boutique photography company we only take on a limited number of weddings each year to ensure the highest level of personal service. Oana Sweeney is the lead photographer and personally shoots every wedding. Shaun Sweeney is the brains behind the business. He manages all the things non-photographic such as finances, editing, web design, etc. Svenja Reile is the best. second. shooter. ever. In addition to capturing all your special moments alongside Oana, she’s also there to get the guys point of view and assist in perfectly styling the bridal veil even on the windiest of days. Together, we use the latest and greatest professional, Canon equipment. We specialize in the use of available light and only use flash when necessary in order to capture the natural glow surrounding each scene.  We are located in southern California and have also photographed weddings in Portland, Chicago, Miami, and Cancun…in other words, YES! Oana Foto would love to shoot your out-of-town, destination wedding!

Oana Sweeney:

…is a passionate photographer since day one. I’ve been shooting weddings for over 15 years. When I first started out I wanted to be a part of something bigger through my talents. I wanted to be a war photographer, but then I realized I didn’t want to die so quickly, so in college I was led into the path of wedding photography. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.  In my free time I love to play with my toddler, spend time with loved ones, and go to the movies. I’m also madly in love with anything Jane Austen…and on a cold, cloudy day a little Bronte soothes my soul. Christmas is my happy place, and yes, I am that person who listens to Christmas songs in June. You mean you don’t?! In all seriousness, I do love to photograph people…the ones in love most of all. While there’s nothing more noble than growing old together and spending a lifetime with the one you love, I think there’s something so pure and beautiful about new love and I hope to capture every moment of yours. I oana be the one who gives you that timeless portrait that hangs on your walls until the two of you celebrate your 50th anniversary together…and beyond. To me, that’s being a part of something bigger.

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